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Diligent and Detailed Defense of Your Constitutional Rights

When you are accused of a crime, your entire future hangs in the balance.  You could be facing jail or prison time, as well as steep fines and community service.  Your ability to drive or keep your job can be affected.  If you are convicted of a crime, it will stay on your record forever and can be easily found by background check, making it extremely difficult to get a job, secure a loan, or continue with higher education.  You need an experienced Fort Collins criminal defense attorney to protect your future from being ruined.

Protect Your Future

The police and the government lawyers want to get a conviction.  None of them will not be looking out for your best interests.  But the Cooney Law Firm will.
I will pursue every viable legal defense and work relentlessly to get your case dismissed or your charges reduced.  However, you also have the right to a speedy public trial by an impartial jury.  If necessary, I will argue your case before a jury and seek to achieve a full acquittal for you.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Collins

The Colorado judicial system can be a very confusing and frustrating place.  I am an experienced negotiator and an aggressive trial lawyer.  Whether you are accused of driving under the influence or assault, I will fight for you.
When we meet, you will have the opportunity to talk about what happened and what charges you face.  I will thoroughly explain your rights, the relevant statutes involved, and the possible penalties.  I want you to truly understand why you were arrested or charged, and what your potential options are going forward.
I represent clients in municipal, county, and district court and accept cases involving:

A Sense of Relief

When you leave my office I want you to feel relieved.  Relieved of the uncertainty of your situation and what your future holds.  For you to know what is going on, why it is happening, and that someone will help get you through it.  I want you to be able to focus on your life and let me handle the burden of investigating your case and dealing with the police and prosecution.

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If you are under investigation by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, you have a right under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as Article II of the Colorado Constitution, to decline to answer any questions.  Never discuss your case or answer questions without first speaking to a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Contact The Cooney Law Firm at (970) 484-9911 or contact me online to schedule a time to discuss your individual circumstances.  Allow me to protect your rights – and your personal freedom.

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