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Practice Areas

Felony Defense

These are the most serious charges, carrying penalties of up to life in prison, or death.

Misdemeanor Defense

These charges carry penalties that include up to two years in the county jail, fines, and useful public service.

Juvenile Defense

All individuals are subject to the law, but if one is under eighteen, special procedures (and penalties) can apply.

DUI Defense

Charges and information relating to intoxicants and vehicles can be found here, along with special procedures.

Drug Crime Defense

Crimes involving drugs, including distribution, have specific procedures and penalties that apply.

Traffic Violation Defense

Information regarding equipment violations and moving violations.

Municipal Law Defense

Expedited procedures apply when charged with an ordinance violation in municipal court.

Record Sealing

Were charges dropped or the case closed?  Information about laws and procedures for sealing of records in Colorado.

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