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Felony Defense

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Felonies are among the most serious of criminal offenses.  Crimes that threaten or cause bodily harm or death to another individual are almost always felonies.  Theft and fraud-related offenses can also be classified as felonies if the amounts in question rise to a certain dollar figure.  Additionally, repeat offenders could be charged with a felony for an offense that might otherwise not be deemed a felony.

Felonies are categorized in Colorado from Class 1 to Class 6.  Conviction for a felony can result in a prison sentence in the Colorado Department of Corrections, and are always accompanied by mandatory periods of parole.  Depending on the offense, prison sentences can span from twelve months to a person’s natural life.  Under certain circumstances, the government can even seek the death penalty.

Felony Convictions

Felony convictions do not always result in a prison sentence.  However, convictions will usually result in supervised probation, with either regular supervision or intensive supervision.  A stay in the county jail may also be part of the sentence.  It is also possible to be sentenced to community corrections.  This option is used when a judge deems a prison sentence too harsh, and probation alone is too lenient.  Fines of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars may also accompany felony convictions.

Felony convictions carry life-long ramifications.  Individuals convicted of felony offenses will find it extremely difficult to carry out the basic tasks of daily life.  A felony criminal record will make it much more difficult to seek and retain employment or decent housing.  It can cause financial hardship and create an emotional rift between you and your family and friends.

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