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Traffic Violation Defense

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Having a traffic violation on your record will raise your auto insurance rates and can even result in an arrest.  While traffic tickets may seem like an annoyance, they can end up having a severe impact on your life.  Traffic violations can cause your license to be suspended or revoked, subject you to expensive fines, mandatory classes, and even time in the county jail.  You need the help of a Fort Collins traffic violation lawyer.

An experienced traffic law attorney knows how to prevent a traffic violation from disrupting your life.  They will take the time to thoroughly investigate the charges against you, review all the evidence, and review your prior record to give you the strongest defense possible.


Fort Collins Traffic Violation Attorney

A citation for a traffic violation can involve a court hearing, as well as a hearing before the Colorado Department of Revenue.  It is possible, sometimes, to have your appearance waived, so you do not have to take time off from work to appear in court or at other hearings.   A lawyer familiar with Colorado traffic laws is often able to get the charges, points on your license, and fines dropped or reduced.  Be aware that many traffic violations do not give one a right to a jury trial.  An experienced traffic lawyer will always secure your right to have your case heard before a jury, if at all possible.

I handle traffic violations cases involving:

Protection Of Your Driving Privileges

Frequently, the worst part of dealing with a traffic violation is that you may lose your privilege to drive.  This comes as a shock to some to learn that there is no inherit right to drive an automobile.  Losing the privilege will impact your ability to go to work, to get your kids to school, and to lead your normal life.   Life in Colorado is very difficult without adequate transportation.  If you qualify, an experienced traffic lawyer will help you apply for a probationary license so you can continue to drive, within very rigid restrictions.

Defend Your Ability To Drive

The Cooney Law Firm Logo - Fort Collins Criminal Defense Attorneys If you have been charged with a traffic violation if Fort Collins or Loveland, you have a right under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as Article II of the Colorado Constitution, to decline to answer any questions.  Never discuss your case or answer questions without first speaking to a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

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